New goal reached!!

Hi everybody!
I’m too excited to annunciate, after twenty-seven hard days, I have reached my objective: Crossing Greenland coast to coast.

But it was not easy, the Autumn in Greenland put us to the limit, with very hard weather conditions, like a hurricane with winds above 140km/h or more than twenty days with the known ”whiteout effect”, a very thick, constant fog which makes you confuse the limits of the surface with the sky. You are not able to see the horizon and, because of that, the orientation in these circumstances is very complicate.

I have to thanks this amazing experience to the team of Norwegian explorers who have guided me day by day across the challenges that we found and which I will face by myself at the South Pole.

Now it’s time to rest, to return to the training and preparation of my great challenge of this year: arriving the South Pole. I am also looking for the support of brands which could be interested in my project, so I have to start working really soon.

Thank you for all the support and congratulation messages. It is easier not being afraid in this way.


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