The weather delays the expedition

A few days of starting the expedition we are still attentive to the weather in Antarctica and now the outlook is not encouraging.

Because of the inclement weather Juan has had to delay his flight to the base Glacial Union, logistics headquarters of the expedition, from which he will starts his challenge. The images that come to us from the different cameras in scientific stations that are scattered throughout the southern continent show a stormy sky with heavy rainfall and strong gusty winds, which makes very difficult the air travel.

We hope that the weather will get better in the coming days for John to begin his period of acclimatization at the base before starting the expedition. For now he is still filing the details with the Norwegian explorer Bengt Rotmo.

*Photo from the United States Antarctic Program

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  1. Juan, nos hemos cruzado en Punta Arenas! En cualquier caso te dejo allí un enorme abrazo. Estaré siguiendo tus pasos. Javier Alonso-Iñarra