#Mental training

Hello everybody
I ´m still in Norway, training for the challenge who is waiting for me at the South Pole. The physical training is very important and I am doing my best, sure than the psychological training.
 In this project that I am about to make, there are really hard days in completely loneliness waiting for me in one of the most extreme places in the world. Because of this I want to share with all of you some tips on how to train your mind against a goal to reach.

Concentration is vital to keep the motivation during the challenge. Some effective techniques:
  1. Focus on breathing: leaving it flow, it is useful for relaxation too.
  2. Focus on execution:  keeping in your mind just the goal, taking the other entire stimulus apart.
  3. Develop performance rituals: this technique make you feel sure and focus.
  4. See yourself overcoming the challenge: it is vital during the train for the motivation.
  5. Total thought control: Learning how to eliminate the negative thoughts automatically could be useful to avoid decay during the execution of the challenge.
  6.  Not to discourage against fail: it is a good opportunity to learn what you did wrong.
  7. Thinking in pictures full of energy: very effective against the fatigue.
  8. Raising the breath can help to physical activation.
  9. Controlling the emotion is vital because it affects the breathing, sweating…
  10.  Any time is good to practice these techniques, not just during the competition.

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