#next stop: Greenland

Hello everybody

I am still in Norway preparing myself to overcome my next challenge. The next phase of my training will take place in Greenland, a land with very similar conditions to the ones I will find at the South Pole.
Over there, I`ll try out the equipment that I will be carrying at the expedition. Most of the material is provided by my sponsors in order for me to reach my goal. The equipment includes navigation technology, communication devices and special clothes for extreme weather conditions.

#Greenland challenge, april 2012

It is vital that I learn how to use all the characteristics of the equipment, as well as acknowledging the real weight that I will tow away with my bicycle, which is around 60 kilos. For all of that I have the invaluable help of Børge Ousland, a very important Norwegian explorer who made expeditions in the 90s to the South Pole. There, he is going to teach me about all the difficulties that are waiting for me in my adventure.


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