#The start and Expeditions

Hello everybody!

In this post I’m going to talk about my initiation with my bicycle and the expeditions I’ve done.

I was born in Pravia, a village in Asturias (Spain) where I started to ride bicycle when I was fourteen years old.

At sixteen I did my first travel through Camino de Santiago and at that time, what was at first a hobby, became my way of life.

In year 2004 I made my first expeditions out of Spain running more than one thousand Kilometers at Scotland ore one thousand and four hundred kilometers at High Atlas at Morocco.

Next year I did an expedition trans Amazonian during six months across 6458 kilometers, an incredible experience as well as I did at the Ural Mountains from more than 4000 kilometers.
At 2008 and 2009 I dared with the most extremes places in the world and I did an expedition to Scandinavia in winter and through Australia in diagonal raiding more than 5000 kilometers side by side.

The same extreme conditions were the expedition through the Canadian Artic, Baikal Lake or Greenland.

At last I've ride more than 25800 Kilometers, pushing myself to the limit. And now the greatest challenge of all is waiting for me: reaching the South Pole alone and with no help.

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